company that specializes in  
training and touring  
, as well as a
columnist for
Rider Magazine.
We formed a strong friendship
based on mutual respect, and
Eric pulled me into the world of
motorcycle safety training.
Christa Neuhaser, publisher of
RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring &
Travel Magazine , was also on the
tour. We quickly found we shared a
love of motorcycles and the written
word. Knowing I was an English
teacher, she encouraged me to
submit an article to her magazine. The
rest is history.
I've written over a dozen articles for
various magazines, and help set up
tours. I felt that it was time to have a
regular outlet for  motorcyclists
interested in reading not just about
bikes, but how motorcycles and life
intersect together. I chose the name
'Moto Musings' because I often find
myself musing over motorcycle
related ideas I wish to flesh out into
writings for other like minded riders
and readers. I hope this can be a place
where your interests intersect--and
perhaps--just perhaps--you learn
something new--about motorcycling
and yourself as a rider.